Vanilla Bloom Lotion


This is the perfect all year lotion but will definitely give your skin the extra boost of moisture it needs during the dry cold months. Whether your dry skin comes from washing your hands a lot, cold weather or too much fun in the sun, our amazing lotions will help your skin come back it’s glorious soft self in no time. 

If you have reached the point of chapped cracked hands, use our Lush Skin Cream to first to heal the skin then choose one of our amazing scented lotions to keep up the maintenance. Give your skin the extra love and support it needs with Wellaroma lotions! Hands down the best cream. (pun intended)

Ingredients: Body Base Cream, Vanilla Planifolia, Dragon's Blood

Size: 4oz

 How to use: Simply apply as needed throughout the day. Remember LESS IS MORE!



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