Self Tanner Exfoliation and Application Kit

Self Tanner Exfoliation and Application Kit

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Skip the streaks – get the natural-looking tan you want with our self tanner mitts. This professional-grade applicator kit includes everything you need for a perfect tan, including self tanner applicator mitts for the body and face and an exfoliating mitt. Perfect for all types of Self Tanner - Lotion, Mousse, Serum, Spray. Reusable and washable.

Directions: Use the exfoliating mitt with soap or cleanser to remove all dead skin from the areas to be tanned.

Apply moisturizer to areas that tend to be dry and absorb more tanner, such as the elbows, hands, wrist, knees, feet, and underarm areas. 

Apply tanner to the body applicator and apply to all desired areas in a circular motion. Moisturize skin daily for an extended tan.

After Care instructions: After use of any mitt, thoroughly rinse with warm water and leave out to dry.

Ingredients :Nylon, Sponge, Polyester, Elastic

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