Love Your Home Bundle

Love Your Home Bundle

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This is a fantastic gift because its kind to our environment and saves money all year long. This bundle includes a set of wool dryer balls and bees wax wraps. If you don't know about these products, here is the break down.

Wool dryer balls - You use these instead of dryer sheets. It tumbles along in your wash and helps reduce dry time up to 25%. If you love fragrances on your clothes that you traditionally get from your dyer sheets, then add a few drops of essential oil to the balls and you have nice smelling clothes when they come out. Dryer balls last for YEARS! That means you save on dryer sheets year after year using these.  (retail $14.00 for 6)

Papaya paper towel - will last anywhere from 2-9 months depending on where and how often you’re using it - replacing on average 17 rolls (or in most cases, far more!) of disposable paper towels. For example, the Papaya paper towel hanging in your kitchen will get tons of great use on messy things like counters, appliances, spills and dishes. That one will likely reach the end of its lifecycle quicker than the Papaya paper towel hanging in your bathroom that you use to wipe up water from the vanity. When its time for a new one, it's 100% compostable, so it won't contribute to the landfill!

Bundle includes: (1) 6 pack of Wool Dryer Balls and (1) 2 Pack of Papaya Paper Towel with hook 

Making small changes like these two products are huge impacts to our environment. 

Be well with Aroma's ~ Wellaroma

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