Immunity Bundle - Build Your 15ml Bundle NO HAND SANITIZER

Immunity Bundle - Build Your 15ml Bundle NO HAND SANITIZER

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Stay healthy this winter with our everything immunity bundle. This is everything you need to use all season long! 


Whats included:


(1) 15ml Bottle of Purification Blend and (1) 8oz PET plastic spray bottle (empty).

Refill the bottle whenever you need it. This spray can be used to spray in the air to purify the air,  spray on toys and doorknobs and counter tops to purify. Spray on all surfaces to help keep the house hold clean - don't forget your phone and the remote control!

Diffuse it or make a purification spray bottle - OR BOTH!

How to Make Your Spray Bottle: Add 40-50 drops of the purification spray essential oil blend to the spray bottle, add two ounces of high proof alcohol*, such as high proof vodka like everclear - (not included),  and fill the remainder of the bottle with water. Shake and spray to use. 

*Alcohol is recommended to create a stable environment in the bottle due to the water content. This is not an active ingredient for the purification spray but does help bind the essential oil to the water and create stability. 


(1) 15ml bottle of Cold and Flu Away synergy blend. This blend should be diffused in the house to decrease the spread of germs. 

(1) Cold and Flu Away Roller - This is a ready-to-use pre-diluted roller or the body. This is a great way to give your body an immunity boost while feeling under the weather. Use on your feet, pulse points or chest.


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