Growth - Hair Repair

Growth - Hair Repair

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Welcome to the natural way to repair, strengthen, and enjoy healthier radian hair! Sounds pretty amazing doesn't it? Well, when you take cold-pressed oil from the seeds of what the world refers to as the "Miracle Tree" the possibilities are endless for your hair and skin. So that is what we did, we took this miracle oil, from the moringa  and incorporated our years of knowledge and expertise with essential oil biochemistry and created a product just for your hair health. 

List of ingredients and what they do:

1. Moringa Oil:

Moringa oleifera known as the drumstick tree in the Himalayas, is the worlds more nutrient rich tree containing a staggering 92 nutrients and 46 natural antioxidants. Most notably known for vitamins A/B/E and zinc which promotes hair repair and growth.  Zinc is especially important because it promotes keratin production, and keratin makes up 90% of every hair on your head! Let's also not forget about the powerful monounsaturated fats like oleic acid and behenic acid that help promote smooth, shiny and healthy hair. Besides helping to rebuild and grow your hair, Moringa oil shown to strengthen, protect and moisturize hair. Organic cold-press moringa has a natural scent or a earthy nutty scent - but not in our formula with the super charged essential oils rich in 1:8 cineole.

2. Jojoba Oil Infused with Dandelion

For hair care it is a great stimulant. The roots are rich with vitamins A, C, B-complex and E. It also contains biotin, iron, sulfur, magnesium and calcium. These all enrich the hair by stimulating and strengthening the hair. Many naturals love biotin and sulfur in their hair growth aids. It is a wonderful aid to get rid of dandruff and itchy scalp

3. Peppermint Oil:

This can help promote hair growth during the anagen (or growing) phase. One study found that peppermint oil, when used on mice, increased the number of follicles, follicle depth, and overall hair growth. 

4. Grapefruit Oil:

The compound in grapefruit oil that helps with hair loss is D-Limonene. This compound aids in reducing the formation of 5 Alpha-reductase. This chemical blocks your pores, which stops vital nutrients from passing into the hair follicles. By removing this chemical (through the use of grapefruit essential oil), you can help to slow or eventually stop hair loss completely.

5. Rosemary

This is probably the most commonly used essential oil for hair loss and repair. The reason being is it peppermint essential oil (also used to promote hair growth), rosemary essential oil strengthens circulation. As a result, it could prevent hair follicles from being starved of blood supply, dying off, and leading to hair loss.

Beyond stimulating hair growth, rosemary essential oil is used to prevent premature graying and dandruff. It may also help dry or itchy scalp.




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