Cough Be Gone! (Rich in Pine)

Cough Be Gone! (Rich in Pine)

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Ugh! The dreaded cough. Can come by itself, at the beginning of a cold or at the end. If you have tried your typical oils to try and heal your cough and it isn't working, it might be time to mix it up. Or if you want a formula formulated just to focus on coughs, this is your solution!

This formula helps with moist coughs, spasmodic coughs, bronchitis, expands breathing, allergies, reduces mucus, alleviates access mucus, whooping coughs, lung congestion. Can also help with sinus congestion, flu, and asthma. 

Ingredients: black spruce, eucalyptus radiata, pine scotch, silver fir

WARNING: Do not use if you or your child have an allergy to pine trees. 

Application: Rub (a pinkie tip worth of cream) on your child's pulse points and bottom of their feet day and night and as needed when your child is under the weather. Use as needed as preventative care. 

Holistic Advice: If/when you child gets a cold, immediately start doing Hydrotherapy! If you don't know what that is, it's soooooo simple!! Take wet, cold rung-out socks and place your child's feet, then place dry warm (room temperature) socks on top of the wet ones. Leave socks on for at least 20 minutes. My little ones will go to bed their socks on when they get a stuffy nose. Also, try diffusing one drop eucalyptus radiata and lavender in their room at night to help them breathe and get over the cold faster. 

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