Clear Skin (The Molluscum Destroyer)

8 reviews

Clear Skin (The Molluscum Destroyer)

8 reviews
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Ugh! You found the dreaded bumps on your kiddos arms, stomach or even bottom. You have been to the doctor to find out this is a virus called molluscum contagiosum. It will run its course and can live in the body for up to a year - sometimes longer - and wait, nope, there isn't a cure all medicine for it. Then you walk away thinking now what? Usually that is when we see an influx of people searching for alternative healing solutions. Well, look no further. This all nature made product has been kicking those molluscum bumps to the curb. We hope it does it for your little one too. 

Size: 2oz Jar

Ingredients: EMU Oil, Diatomaceous Earth, Melissa, Tea tree, Lemon, Frankincense, thyme Linolol

Application: Use a cotton swap and dab a small amount on the tip and apply it to the bumps 2-3 times a day. If you have a ruptured bump or one that looks like it will rupture soon, apply this to it, but use another q-tip to the apply to the other areas. Or you can even use a different q-tip per bump patch. Up to you. They are most contagious when when they are open and/or oozing!

The cream’s super powers: The oils used are highly anti-viral. Since this is a virus, it’s a highly concentrated dose of anti-viral serum to the localized issue that supports the overall immune system as well. This cream aids in your bodies natural ability to heal.  The stronger the immune system the faster the results! 

The Stages: Stage one: Small micro size bumps that are raised. Only a few on the body. Treat immediately if you can. Second phase: Red larger raised bumps. Some look “angry”. This is usually when people head to the dr and find out what is going on. Third stage: Angry bumps that pop. (They don’t always pop especially if you are treating them) When they get opened, this is when it spreads more. It is best not to touch them, even if they itch, so they aren’t accidentally opened. This can be hard for little ones. Fourth stage: drying up and healing. 

Things to look for when using the cream: Most often it looks worse before getting better. Bumps go from raised bumps to angry bumps. Depending on the location of the lesions on the body, applying  bandaid after treatment is wise for younger kids. Stop the touch to stop the spread. 



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Levi L.
United States

Wow, did not think this product would actually work after hearing from ppl that there isn’t a cream that will take it away.

Karen H.
United States United States

Works exactly as described

We’ve been using the clear skin product for a couple of weeks now to clear up Molluscum on my 5 year old. It is working just as described- it gets red and angry, looks like it is going to pop, and then deflates and reduces in size/ goes away! It takes some time for the process to work but it is working! Yay!

Ashley S.
United States United States

It Really Works!

I am so impressed with how this cream has shrunk the molluscum bumps on my son. As soon as I have seen new ones appear I begin applying and they are gone within days!

A Wellaroma Customer
Jennifer L.
United States United States


Bought this for my son who has had molluscum for a few months. He also suffers from eczema. The cream the doc recommended made his eczema so bad! We started on this clear skin cream and all his eczema cleared up and we’re still seeing fast progress of the molluscum bumps. The bumps are becoming red quickly, and they go away just as quick. Hoping we will be cleared by summer!


Molluscum Cream

We've been using this cream for a few weeks on my child. We like the smell of the cream and it is helping to dry up bigger/red areas. We will keep using until all the bumps are gone. It is working well. Thank you!