Bedtime Calm (Kids) & Teething Support!

Bedtime Calm (Kids) & Teething Support!

Formula Pupose
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Why is that the end of the day always the time of day when the kids are bananas? Well that is how our house is anyways. It's their last surge of energy that must be released or something. 

Size: 1 oz

Child's Dilution Rate: Make sure to select the age range of your child when adding product to cart. Your cream will be made at the correct dilution rate based on their age. 

Ingredients: roman chamomile, lavender, palmarosa, vetiver

Application: Rub (a pinkie tip worth of cream) on your child's pulse points and bottom of their feet an hour before bed to get them into a state of calm and relaxation.  

Holistic Advice: Adding magnesium supplement in the evening can also calm your child before bed and aid in a good nights sleep. Also, diffusing lavender in your child's room at night will also help with a restful night sleep.  


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