Immunity Building Support


Welcome to Wellaroma - the home of naturally derived solutions that are powerful yet extremely healthy for you. We are a family owned company located in the heart of the Midwest. We have been in business and service to our community and customers for over four years. In these unprecedented times we continue to operate as usual even though we are operating with very limited help, just like most of you. We are juggling work, kids, and a new way of life under one roof, but we still strive to provide you with our top-notch customer service. 

Our Order Turn-a-round:

FREE SHIPPING - ORDERS OVER $50. FREE LOCAL PICKUP FOR TOLEDO AREA CUSTOMERS. We ship your orders within 24-48 hours during the week. Orders placed Friday-Sunday are shipped on Monday (sometimes Saturday) 

Our Solutions:

All of our products are made with the finest, cleanest, and safest ingredients. We provide natural solutions that are bio-compatible with your body and work as protector vs a “suppressor” like other leading commercial brands. Our goal is to help keep you protected from harmful external invaders, keep your immune system strong, and your mental health even stronger - especially during these trying times. 


Customer Reviews:

Refreshingly Clean (Purification Spray)"I love this stuff! I mix it with distilled water in the included spray bottle to make a sanitizing spray, then spray light switches, remote controls, kids lunch boxes, even their backpack handles. When someone in the house gets sick then I really go to town and clean every surface that’s touched. I also love to diffuse this when I cook fish, because although I love to eat fish I don’t like smelling it. I also diffuse this when someone is sick. This is a great all around natural sanitizer for your home." 

Amazing (Hand Sanitizer)
"The scent is wonderful and my children love it (#momwin). Love the ingredients and that it is safe to use on little ones." ~Sara Y. 
Hand sanitizer
"Wow! This stuff is amazing! Smells wonderful and keeps my hands safe and feeling soft!!" ~John, P
Love it!
I love the hand sanitizer! Especially when I leave work, the orange smell is so uplifting after a long day! ~Nicole

Amazing Set of Oils!

"I bought this roller to prepare for the winter months and to help prevent any sickness. As soon as I could start to feel a cold coming, I used this on the bottom of my feet and pressure points. My symptoms went away and didn’t develop into a cold! There’s so much product which will last forever! Thank you for this amazing alternative" ~Brianna