Shower Oils


Welcome! You are about to learn the best kept secret to radiant healthy skin. A secret that we are blowing the roof off of and sharing with the world because it's simple, all natural, and heck, why not? Plus scroll down for our special coupon code just for you!! Order today and get 20% off - SHHHHH...this is a secret code and won't be available for long. Code is: FBSKIN


"I loved the shower oil! I found it to be ver easy to use, non greasy and a great alternative to using lotion after a shower. My skin felt very moisturized, and stayed moisturized throughout the day and I loved the vanilla scent. Can’t wait to try another scent as well!" Elisabeth, OH

First and Foremost What is Shower Oil and Why Use it? It is actually very simple. Shower oil is equivalent to conditioner for your hair, but for your skin. Let me ask you this, would you leave the shower without putting conditioner in your hair? For most people that answer is "NO WAY". Reason being, it puts moisture and protection back to your newly washed hair. Same goes for your skin. You wash and scrub your body in the shower stripping away most of your natural oils and natural glow to get clean. We all do it. Every. Single. Day. And, unless you are putting your "skin conditioner" back on, this leaves your skin vulnerable which can lead to dry skin, premature wrinkly skin, or an overall unhealthy dull skin. Shower oils puts the glow back into your skin while leaving a protective layer of moisture. Plus, different from any other shower oil on the market , these shower oils are enhanced with therapeutic grade essential oils to benefit your whole body - physical, mental and emotional. 

 "This shower oil is amazing! I haven't had to put lotion on my legs..and it's winter! Also, when I workout and sweat, I smell a hint of the oil vs a workout smell!" ~Lindsay

Fact: 47% of the population suffers from dry skin! What are the leading causes of dry skin? Sun exposure, pools, salt water, dehydration, winter, and hot showers. Those are a lot of factors, some are seasonal and some are present all year long. Not sure what is worse, but the one that effects us daily is hot showers. Hello?! What?! And let's face it, if you live in a part of the country that is cold 3-6 months of the year giving up hot showers doesn't seem like a very good idea. So what can help? Shower oils! And not just any shower oil, but therapeutically enhanced ones. That is a two-fold of awesomeness wrapped into one bottle. 

"My daughter and I both suffer from severe dry skin and I am always trying to find safe, natural, and effective products that we can both use. This oil was such a great find, and it really helped soothe my irritated and flaky winter skin. The fragrance is probably the best part, because it is light and natural and makes you feel like you just left your favorite spa! I have awful allergies and have to stay away from strong perfumes, so this natural scent is amazing. We will be using this as a part of our routine for year-round soft skin, while also enjoying the aromatic and calming scent". ~Karen, Ohio

How does it work? Well, it's best to use the shower oil right before you step out of the shower and reach for your towel to dry off. By using it in the shower while you are still wet you are doing two things for your body and skin that are highly beneficial. One, you are absorbing more of the nutrient rich oils and aromas as you dry (pat dry preferred) that are enhancing your body and your skin. Two, you are creating a barrier for your skin that is natural and helps seal and replenish your natural oils you just stripped away in your hot steamy, but oooooooh so relaxing shower. 

"I love the vanilla bloom shower oil! In the winter my skin is so dry and itchy. Using this oil really helps my skin retain moisture and smells amazing. I love that I can put it on in the shower. Kim, Ohio

Why not just use lotion when you get out of the shower?  True, there is a time and place for lotion. We actually have an amazing lotion, called Lush Skin, that has helped heal the most brittle,dry, cracked, bleeding hands in addition to helping with eczema skin. But that is for treating chronic or acute causes that are not wide spread over the body. Shower oils, enable you to quickly treat and enhance the texture and moisture of your entire body naturally that actually get absorbed quickly into the skin. Therefore, healing and sealing from the inside out. Plus, there no additives, no sulfates, no fillers, no nothing, except nutrient rich oil from nature - plus the therapeutic scent. Did we talk about that yet? :-)

The Added Benefits: We only use highly "nutritious" oils (Coconut, Avocado, and Jojoba) in our base oil blended just right to make the perfect silky product. These oils are no stranger to the health and beauty industry and have been researched and tested for decades. Here are some benefits that studies have shown these oils can do for you:

Reduces redness, tame chaffing and chapping, improved skin elasticity, anti-inflammatory, faster wound healing, anti-aging, ease of eczema and rosacea, anti-microbial, long lasting barrier, high in: vitamin E and B- complex, antioxidants, chromium, copper and zinc...and more!! 

What about the scent?  Clearly, the scent is important to make you feel good about what you are using but the medicinal benefits are equally as important. The aromas we chose are delightful and each blend has a mindful purpose infused into each bottle. 

Lavender/Orange: A fresh citrus scent with a hint of floral. The perfect balance. The properties of these oils are calming, happy, and uplifting. This blend is developed to start your day on the right foot or end your day feeling happy and relaxed. 

Lemon/Rosemary: A beautiful blend of lemon with the balance of alertness of rosemary. We love this blend. It has the components of happiness, but the mind focusing aromas of rosemary which will have you ready to start your day with a sharp mind yet feeling uplifted and joyful at the same time. This is our "go get'um blend"!

Vanilla Blossom: This is so sweet and delectable you will feel like eating it - but please don't. LOL! Besides having the smell of your mom's sugar cookies, vanilla bloom oil has properties to help with strong emotions such as anxiety and stress. This blend has is designed to melt away life's worries!

We will have new scents available in the near future with some seasonal "limited time only" blends. Keep an eye out this summer.