All Natural Purification Spray vs. Lysol

by Angela Hill

We have gotten a ton of questions about our purification spray over the last month given our current global situation. Here are the top questions I have been asked and the answers. 

Can I replace your Purification Spray with Lysol? 

Well the short answer is NO, but not for the reasons you are thinking. Comparing Lysol to an all natural essential oil derived product is like comparing apples to steak. Lysol is derived from chemicals. True, these chemicals have been proven to kill and destroy bacteria,viruses and everything in between; BUT, it also compromises YOUR immune system when using such products. 

Our Purification Spray uses essential oils that have natural properties that include:




Antiseptic ⁣

Immune enhancer ⁣

Detoxifies ⁣


Disinfectant (*this property only resides in the citrus blend)

And on top of these amazing purifying natural components, these oils are bio compatible with the body. What does that mean? It means that this formula actually benefits your body and your immune system when using them, by smelling them and being around them.

Is the Purification Spray a disinfectant spray? 

We do not throw around the word "disinfectant" lightly especially where we are in today's world. The short answer is this spray is a purifying spray. It does the job of helping to kill germs, bacteria, viruses and such, however, it does not meet the criteria of the CDC to be a "disinfectant" with using just essential oils. But, let me also state the CDC is not in practice of testing essential oils and their efficacy.

In order to meet that criteria and stay within the guidelines of the CDC, you would need to add 70% alcohol in the bottle then add the essential oils - no water at all. With this formula the alcohol is serving as the primary disinfectant and the essential oils are a "bonus" or secondary to the active ingredient of alcohol. 

Under normal circumstances when dealing with common colds, flu, common viruses, and general cleaning and purifying the air, we instruct our clients to add some alcohol to the bottle provided, add the essential oils, then fill with water. We only ask for the alcohol to be put in the bottle to stop the water from creating bacteria. It's a merely a stabilizer for the water - an inactive ingredient. We have tested this spray using lab swabs both ways (with and without alcohol added) and we have repeatedly gotten the same results - clean and effective! 

Can I use Purification Spray on all surfaces?

The short answer to this is, Yes! We use it on all surfaces from light switches to coats to purses to counter top to toys. Use it directly in the air or spray it your door knobs or remotes or cell phones. Spray away! 

If you are using alcohol as your base always test your surfaces such as granite counter stops. 

What do you use in your household?

Personally, we have never used Lysol or Clorox wipes or anything derived from harsh chemicals. That is our personal choice and I do not think twice about those who chose to use those products. For me, they smell and harshness makes me feel sick - this includes Purrell hand sanitizer. The smell is too much and my body says "no, no, no". Over the years, we have used a combination of natural cleaners, micro fiber cloths, and our purification spray to keep germs at bay and to stop the spread of germs in our house. We have hundreds of other families in the Wellaroma "Family" who use this same protocol. And just to completely transparent, sometimes we add alcohol to stabilize the water in our purification spray and sometimes not.