Relaxing Set (Bath Salt & Candle)

Relaxing Set (Bath Salt & Candle)

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Everyone deserves a little downtime. This is a great gift set to give someone letting them know they deserve some relaxation time. Grab a bottle of wine, turn off the lights, light your candle, shut the door, and relax in a warm bath. 

Why are baths important? Water is an energy neutralizer. That means taking a bath can help cleanse your energy and move you to a positive place. You are physically and energetically  "washing off" the negative or stagnant energy from the day and replacing it with a positive uplifting energy. So, if you want to wash away a bad day? Take a bath! 

In this kit is an amazing candle made from Terralite using coconut wax and essential oils, and one of Wellaroma's therapeutic scented bath salts. We want you to relax but we also want you to have the medicinal benefits that comes from naturally derived essential oils. It's two fold. 

Be kind to your self. Be well with aroma's!


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