Mask Refresher: Minty Fresh


Minty Fresh Scent: This blend is a combination of oils that will make you feel awake and refreshed. You will be ready to tackle the day and even the post lunch tiredness. 

Tired of smelling your breathe in your mask? Or maybe your mask just needs a little pick me up. Our Mask refresh’s sprays are custom formulated to be just the right amount of scent your mask needs to take on a happy new life for the day.  

Our formula does not use ethanol therefore it contains zero alcohol. This blend is used to give you and your mask a pick-me-up during the day. It is not intended to be used to wash or sanitizer your mask. 

size: 2oz

ingredients: peppermint, lemon, rosemary,  distilled water, Citric acid, plant based sobulizer

how to use: lightly spray on your cloth or paper mask. Let air dry for 30/60 seconds before wearing the mask again.




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