Luscious Skin Bundle

Luscious Skin Bundle

Luscious Skin Bundle

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An amazing bundle filled with hydrating products your skin will love!

What's Included:

Shower oil: Have you heard of shower oils? Or wet moisturizing? Probably not?! Well, this is the best known secret to healthy radiant skin. This is a secret because it reduces, if not eliminates, the need to use body lotion after bathing - and let's face it there are a a lot of moisturizing companies out there who are going to hate that you know this. (Retails $32)

Body Butter: If you are looking for extra moisture - look no further. A little of this wonderful butter goes a LONG WAY. Its whippy but melts and absorbs into the skin easily. It's natural to feel little slippery the first minute after apply before it's absorbed into the skin. What is left is glowy supple skin.  (Retails $22)

Flip Flop Foot Repair: Flip Flop Foot Repair is handcrafted with 6 essential ingredients: Beeswax, Cocoa butter, Coconut oil and Essential Oils create this natural antibacterial, conditioning, moisturizer for your feet. (Retails $12.99)

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