Smooth Skin Bundle

Smooth Skin Bundle

Smooth Skin Bundle

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The bundle of all bundles for smooth lush skin & lips. 

What is included:

Lip Scrub - made from local honey, organic sugar, organic coconut oil, organic fractionated coconut oil, organic flavoring. All edible! (retails $8)

Sugar Scrub - Made with our shower oil as the base, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated after using (retails $12)

Coffee Scrub - Bring a whole new life to your legs, or arms or trouble spots with our coffee scrub featuring Maddie and Bella’s coffee groups. Caffeine from the coffee along with your essential oils helps to purify the skin and reduce the symptoms of lumpy, bumpy skin. (retails $19)  

Dry Brush - On your days off from scrubbing, use a dry brush to bring blood flow to the area and turn over the dead skin.  (retails $8.50)

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