HP: Teal Plaid


End your day with a warm and relaxing muscle treatment. Whether you have tired muscles or just need a relaxing moment before bed, this therapeutic heating pad can do the job! This pad is handmade with soft and soothing fabric and has the calming and sweet smell of lavender that will aid with tired muscles, distressing, and promotes a good night sleep.  

The DO's and DON'TS

do: Heat in the microwave for 60 seconds. Heat in 10-15 second increments after 60 if you need more heat.
don’t: overheat it, rice will burn and smell.
do: use on neck or tired joints
don’t: get it wet or wash it, will ruin the inside

Size: approximately 5" wide by 20" long. Size will vary depending on sewing and cutting. 

Weight: approximately 3lbs


Warning:No not over heat. Can burn if warmed to hot. Be careful using with children and heating too hot. 


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