Ultimate Self Care Bundle

Ultimate Self Care Bundle

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This is the holy grail

of Wellaroma Self Care. This is the bundle that takes you into a fill lotion free life, carrying for your face and body naturally. What is included in this amazing bundle?

Clay Mask Set - this mask is top-notch the most natural you can get. 4 natural clays fright from the earth, great for all skin types, bamboo bowl, application brush, spoon, mixing spatula, and don't forget the Wellaroma finishing oil for when you are done. 

 R4 Anti-Aging Oils - day and night with a Gua sha stone

Body Butter - Again it doesn't cleaner than our body butter formula. Great to use on tough dry spots

Shower Oil: FULL BOTTLE shower oil. This is hands down our best seller. It is our five star product that will change your skin's life. You use this instead of lotion. You use this when you are still wet in the shower. You use this all year long. This saves you time in the morning. This is a game changer!

Sugar Scrub - Another amazing addition to your shower routine. This exfoliates while leaving you incredibly moisturized. The day we use this, we skip the shower oil. It's that good! 

Eco Face Brush - The Eco Clean Face Brush is the perfect 2-in-1 cleanser to help fight pore blockage and uneven skin tone. One side feature lush microfine bristles for a deep and thorough cleanse, while the other side features soft silicone bristles for gentle exfoliation. Additionally, this product features a natural straw fiber handle to help reduce your impact on the environment. The luxurious, fine bristles are perfect for cleansing all skin types while the textured silicone pads exfoliate gently. Cleanse the face with the fine bristled brush in gentle circular motions to remove sebum and other impurities in the skin. Exfoliate with the textured silicone pad to improve complexion and remove dead skin cells. Use the facial brush once a day to aid in improving skin condition and ensure healthy, glowing complexion. Wash and dry the facial brush to prevent bacteria and mildew growth. Handles are made with natural straw fiber Vegan Biodegrable Cruelty Free

Konac Sponges- The Konjac sponge is 100% derived from the roots of the konjac plant which originates from Asia. The konjac plant has historically been consumed for its medicinal properties, but in recent years, it has also been utilized as an excellent skin care product. As an eco-friendly and biodegradable product, the Konjac sponge naturally balances the pH level of your skin as well as exfoliates and moisturizes it. It is gentle towards all skin types and can even be used with infants and those with extremely delicate and sensitive skin. Instruction: Prep with a quick soak under water for 30 second and watch it grow in size into a soft sponge from its previous loofah like state



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