All things Good Bundle

All things Good Bundle

All things Good Bundle

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This is the ultimate bundle to love your skin and body!

Included in Bundle:

A beautiful box with and ornament (will vary).

Shower Oil: 10oz

This is the best known secret to healthy radiant skin. This is a secret because it reduces, if not eliminates, the need to use body lotion after bathing - and let's face it there are a a lot of moisturizing companies out there who are going to hate that you know this.


Lavender Infused Heat Sack!

End your day with a warm and relaxing muscle treatment. Whether you have tired muscles or just need a relaxing moment before bed, this therapeutic heating pad can do the job! This pad is handmade with soft and soothing fabric and has the calming and sweet smell of lavender that will aid with tired muscles, distressing, and promotes a good night sleep.  

Flip Flop Repair



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